Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alumni Lifetime E-mail Program?

This free service provides SHU alumni with an "" email address that is permanent and easy to remember. This is a full service, Outlook account, free to you! Note: You must login regularly to maintain your account. If you have not accessed your email within six months, you will be notified of the possible deletion of your account.

How does work?

The Alumni Lifetime E-mail (ALE) address functions as a web-based e-mail account (like G-mail, Yahoo and others). The ALE account also provides alumni with 10GB of e-mail storage space.

Will my student account automatically become an account?

No, the new alumni email address is a brand new email account. When first logging into the account, it will contain an empty mailbox. If you graduated in 2013 or after, your existing Sacred Heart email address remains entact as long as you use: "username"

Will I get spammed after I register?

The Office of Alumni Relations has no plans to bombard you with unsolicited email or share your address with outside vendors. Occasionally, registrants will be sent email to notify them of Alumni Association events and benefits, additions or alterations to the service. participants also receive our monthly alumni e-newsletter. This email system is separate from the University email system.  You will not receive the "on-campus spam" that you current receive as a student.  (i.e. daily events, cafeteria offerings, etc.).

What if I want to put the email address on my phone. What are the settings?

To receive assistance with setting up this email address on your phone, please call the SHU Factory at 203-365-7575.

Who can register for an ALE address?

SHU graduates of a degree, certificate, or diploma program.

Will this account expire?

At the present time there is no time limit for active alumni email boxes. Please note, you must login regularly to maintain your account. If you do not access your email within six months, you will receive notifications of the expiration of your account.  

Is there a charge?

No, this is a free service offered by Sacred Heart University in cooperation with the Office of Alumni Relations and the Information Technology Department at SHU.

How do I access my new alumni account?

Follow these steps to access your new alumni account:
1. Go to
2. Enter your alumni email address. This is your Sacred Heart username +
3. Type in your password. Your password will be S!! + your 7-digit Sacred Heart ID number (ex. S!!0123456)
4. You will be asked to change your password. You can change this password to anything you wish.
5. Your new account will open and is ready to be used.


What if I have questions now or in the future?

The Office of Alumni Relations is happy to help you with any question, including ALE accounts.  Feel free to contact us at or 203-365-7671.