Alumni Profiles in Success

Maureen Cotter '05

Maureen '05 and John '05 Cotter“I really feel like I came out of my shell at SHU. All of the clichés about college being the best time of your life were really true for me.” For Maureen (Daley) Cotter ’05, four years spent at Sacred Heart University proved to be life changing. Learning necessary skills for her future career, studying abroad for a semester in Australia, and meeting her husband, John Cotter ’05, Maureen's Sacred Heart experience proved to be invaluable. It is where she found herself and for that, she will be forever grateful.

As Maureen’s love for SHU blossomed, so did her love for media and entertainment. She credits Sacred Heart with helping her find her passion and providing her with priceless opportunities. “I find it amazing that I’m nearly ten years out of college and I still think about certain classes, assignments, and professors. I think it’s a testament to the real world value of the SHU experience.” Two internships found through SHU were pivotal to Maureen’s future career in television. “Sacred Heart helped me find two internships – one with Noggin/The N in New York City…and one with a small PR firm in Stamford. I learned so much at both places, I can’t imagine going into my first true job without those experiences.”

Currently the Director of Programming, Planning & Scheduling at Showtime Networks in New York City, Maureen’s interest in the world of media was nurtured by her experiences as a Media Studies major. “Any core Media Studies class that I took with Professor Golda or Professor Castonguay…opened my eyes to the entertainment industry as a possible career path.” Maureen began her career at Showtime in 2008, after working in Stamford at the Outdoor Life Network, which later became the Versus channel. “I took a job at Showtime Networks in New York as a supervisor in the Programming, Planning, & Scheduling department. I’ve been here ever since! I feel very, very fortunate to have been promoted here, and to be a part of such a well-respected network. Every day is different and I love that.” Maureen’s career in media will continue to flourish and progress with her Sacred Heart education as her backbone. “The classes I took, people I met, things I experienced, all made possible by SHU, allowed me to learn more than I thought possible and see the world in new ways.”

Like so many of her fellow alumni, Maureen’s relationship with Sacred Heart did not stop at graduation. “SHU still impacts my life everyday through my husband. We met because of our time there. He still goes once a week to teach! John is an adjunct in the Athletic Training department, along with being a professional firefighter and a part time high school Athletic Trainer. It’s always fun to hear what’s going on with campus, and how much it’s changed and is still changing.” When asked how she felt when thinking back to her time at SHU, Maureen replied, “Happy about the choices I made, and proud of what I accomplished there and what SHU has become. A little bit wistful for times gone by, only because they were so special.”

Maureen and John are currently preparing for the arrival of their first child. Welcoming another Pioneer into the Sacred Heart community will certainly be another milestone in their lifelong SHU adventure.