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“What we’re all about is YOU,” reads the tagline on the Moore Physical Therapy and Fitness website. This objective resonates throughout Moore and its team of 100 employees. Voted one of the Fairfield County’s Top Workplaces in 2012, one unique factor separates Moore from its competitors: the SHU spirit. Twenty-three Sacred Heart University alumni work within the Moore organization as aides, directors, and everything in between. This commonality directly influences the culture of Moore PT and has impacted their emphasis on the patient and their relationship with the community. 

 The Alumni Profile in Success series sheds light on individuals who are positively impacting their careers and communities. For the first time, a Profile in Success will highlight a company, rather than a single person. Moore Physical Therapy and Fitness was founded over 20 years ago and is currently one of the largest rehabilitation clinics in the area. With locations in Southport, Darien, Wilton, and two in Stamford, Moore specializes in physical therapy, strength and conditioning, athletic training, and massage therapy. Moore has aided in the rehabilitation of Sacred Heart student athletes and alumni. The Pioneer spirit goes beyond the employees, as the Moore alumni are still closely connected to Sacred Heart.   

As a student in the Athletic Training program, Phil Denema ’04, ’07 DPT, had hands-on experience working with SHU’s Division I sports teams. The aspiring physical therapist chose Sacred Heart because it had so much to offer: “I went to Sacred Heart because they had a physical therapy program, I was able to play hockey, and I had a good feeling being on campus. I felt more comfortable at Sacred HeartBeach Moore PT than I did at other schools I had visited.” Phil, Director of the Moore Wilton location, began his career with the company right after college. “I started working at Moore after I graduated. A fellow SHU classmate got me connected and I have been there ever since.” Moore’s close connection to Sacred Heart has led to the continuously growing number of alumni employees. “We had the same group of teachers, we think along the same lines, and this carries over into the work environment.”

Greg Besson ’99 MSPT, Partner and Director of Clinical Operations at Moore PT in Wilton, was recommended to SHU by a friend. “I was working at Moore as an aide and a friend who was going to SHU at the time was applying into the program and I decided to go too.” The Sacred Heart Physical Therapy department equips their students for real-life situations. Greg notes, “The information I learned outside of the textbook prepared me for my career. The program provides you with the skills to communicate with all different types of people.” Phil also recognizes the benefits of SHU’s PT program, “The problem-based learning curriculum promotes a teamwork environment and teaches you to communicate well with others.”

Moore employees are still very much involved with Sacred Heart’s physical therapy program and they begin working with future PTs while they are still in school. “We have a great relationship with the faculty and students at SHU. We’ve taken on students for clinical affiliations and hired them as aides,” says Greg. The SHU Moore employees return to the classroom to assist their former professors. Greg adds, “I love helping out the PT department. A lot of our physical therapists are asked to return to SHU to assist as tutorial leaders.” Josh Heenan ’09, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Moore PT in Southport, agrees that there is a strong bond, “The partners of the company have a good relationship with the Sacred Heart faculty and they are able to point us in the right direction. Our company emphasizes the importance of continuing education and every day is an opportunity to learn at Moore.”

The uniqueness of the Moore culture is noted by the SHU employees. “A majority of our alumni employees went to SHU for undergrad and graduate school. We can bond because we are from the same community,” says Josh. Having a specific thing in common with your colleagues, such as your alma mater, is invaluable. He adds, “We have recent graduates and people that graduated 15 to 20 years ago. We are a very tight knit group.” Greg agrees that there is a sense of community amongst all of the Moore employees: “The company is a family and we enjoy what we do, we love helping people. We communicate well and we get along. It’s like going to work with your friends.” As Moore PT continues to grow, the SHU alumni employees plan to remain connected to the University through their vast alumni network. Josh notes, “It is ironic how everything comes full circle. I took classes with people at Sacred Heart who are now my colleagues. We learn from one another and we are very lucky.”

Phil Denema    Greg Besson    Josh Heenan

         Phil Denema '04, '07 DPT                     Greg Besson '99 MSPT                           Josh Heenan '09